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Frequently Asked Questions

Manual Support & FAQs

The answers to 95% of questions and conserns that customers have are quickly answered below, just click on any question and the answer will appear. If the instructions below don’t answer your question or get you going, please click here to contact us.

Question 1, I'm having problems opening the manual or it asks me for a password

We’re sorry you had the problem, It sounds like either your internet browser or a lesser PDF program than Adobe Reader is trying to open your manual.

Don’t sweat it, it’s an easy fix.

  • If you’re using a PC computer or laptop see the underlined portion of the directions below.
  • If you’re using a Mac, see the directions directly below the highlighted portion.

 You need to use Adobe Reader X (10) or newer to view & print the manual, older versions of adobe reader or other PDF programs may give you varied results like you are seeing.

There is a link to download the newer version of adobe reader in the directions, it you didn’t see them please check your junk mail.

We’re also including a link to download newer versions of Adobe Reader below at the bottom of this email, if you cannot click on it just copy & paste them into your browser’s address bar.

 If you are using Windows 8,  10 or 11 (Or newer):

With every major Windows update, Microsoft changes your computer to open PDF files with their Microsoft Edge viewer which will hide our clickable bookmark index that should be on the left of your screen.

It’s easy to get around though. Once you have installed it, open the adobe reader X (10) or newer, choose recent files, then browse to where you downloaded the manual to & it will open.

 If you are using a Mac:

The underlined Windows 8, 10 & 11 solution above works on your Mac also.

 Phone or Tablet:

iPhone or iPad:

 Many of our manuals are LARGE, please give them time to fully download before tapping download again or refreshing the page. You may also need to keep your device from going to sleep by tapping anywhere on the screen where there IS NOT a link

 Once you do have it downloaded, go to your Files app (Looks like a blue folder), your manual should be there. Tap on your manual, then tap the up arrow at the top right of your screen, then scroll over in the choices until you see iBooks, then tap it.

Once open in iBooks, make sure you tap near the top of the screen to access the bookmarks to make navigating you manual much easier to navigate.

Tap on the three horizontal lines, then tap on the other set of three horizontal lines that will appear so you can quickly access all chapters & subchapters.

 Android or Kindle Fire color:

Download & install the free Adobe Acrobat Reader app from the Google Play store, Then open the Adobe Reader app. (The first time you open it will ask for a login, just tap the X at the upper right of the page to bypass, no login is required).

Tap Files on the left, tap “On This Device” & press the folder that contains the manual, then press the manual & it will open. Once the manual is open you can press on the bookmarks icon on the bottom right, then click the arrow to the right of the chapter to see the other chapters and subjects, then to go to the section you need.

Please let us know if you need anything else, we’re here to help.

Adobe Reader X for PC

When downloading Adobe Reader, MAKE SURE YOU UN-CLICK ANY OPTIONAL OFFER CHECK BOXES before clicking the install now button.

Question 2, Do I need to have a PayPal account to buy a manual?

Not at all. You can pay using a credit or debit card through our secure payment gateway or through Paypal if you like. If you don’t have or want a PayPal account just click “Don’t Have A PayPal account” underneath the paypal log in & it will let you pay with a credit or debit card without a PayPal account.

Question 3, I can open the manual, but I can only see a small section or can't click on other parts of the manual
If your manual file has a .ZIP file extension you’ll need to unzip it before using the manual. You can usually do this just by dragging ALL the files and folders from the window that pops up when you double click on the file you downloaded to your computer’s desktop.
Question 4,Are these factory manuals or aftermarket like Clymer or Haynes?
Over 99% of my manuals are the factory OEM brand manuals, the same ones your local dealership would use to work on your vehicle. All of the factory manuals are clearly marked as factory, the few aftermarket manauls I do have will not.
Question 5,Can I use Dial-Up internet to download manuals?

No, you will need some type of high speed internet to download manuals. You can email the download link to a friend that has high speed internet and have them put it on a USB drive or burn it to a CD for you.

Question 6, Are your manuals safe for my computer?
YES My computers and servers are scanned multiple times a day for viruses, malware, spyware & other threats. I have not had a single customer EVER get a virus from one of my manuals. note – some virus protection applications may throw up a generic warning stating that the file you are about to download MAY contain a virus. You are seeing this warning because any file introduced to your computer MAY contain a virus.
Question 7, Why do some of your manuals have a different name on it?
I used to have other sites that I no longer update so you may see a notice a cover page stating if you have bought this manual from a different seller to leave bad feedback & contact them. I encourage you to click the “report this seller” email link on the manual cover page to report it, please check your junk mail for the answer you will receive from me so you know I did not just steal it from another seller. I am an honest seller who works hard to provide you the best manual possible.
Question 8, Can I save and print your manuals or do they expire?
Once you have downloaded the manual to your computer it is yours to back up in any way you see fit, just close the manual & drag the file or folder to a USB drive, a CD or DVD burning program or any other way you’d like. You cannot save the manual with it open in the PDF reader using Save AS, you need to close the manual & drag or copy it wherever you like.
ALL of our manuals are fully printable. You can print 1 page, 1 chapter or the entire manual and put it in a 3-ring binder, if you get a page greasy just print another!